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          CN EN

          Reclean Household cleaning series

          Kaimi Reclean Kitchen Cleanser

          Scope of application

          Suitable for cleaning greasy stains of range hood, surface of all sorts of cookers, exhaust fans, the kitchen wall and floor.

          Product Efficacy

          Foam degreasing: unique foam technology making cleanser adhere to the dirt surface effectively enhances the contact with the dirt and strongly removes heavy grease. Quick degreasing: gently spray for removing kitchen grease dirt easily, the surface of the cooker will be as bright as the new one after using.Without disassembling: easy to use, oil will automatically be dissolved and flow into the oil box. Effectively restrains bacteria: restrains Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus for protecting your family health.


          620g*1 bottle

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          Method of application

          When cleaning the range hood, spray the cleanser evenly on the blades, turns on machine after 3 to 5 minutes. The decomposed grease will automatically flow into the oil collection box. When cleaning other cookers and surfaces, spray cleanser on the surface and wipe later.


          Keep out of reach of children. In case the cleanser is splashed into eyes or swallowed, call a physician immediately. Extra usage can’t improve the cleaning ability. Marble or other natural stone surface should be used with caution. For other materials, please try in the hidden place before use. In case inadvertently touches the skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water, feeling unwell still call a physician immediately.

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