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          CN EN

          Kaimi Detergent King Series

          KAIMI DETERGENT KING Silk Detergent

          Scope of application

          Suitable for washing silk, linen and other high-grade fabrics.

          Product Efficacy

          ● Natural coconut oil-based cleaning ingredients, specially designed for washing silk clothing, effectively protects the silk protein fibers from damaging. ● Provides silk with a weak acidic cleaning environment for caring silk protein and effectively removes dirts. ● Concentrated formula with saving dosage, clothes will be soft and smooth after washing, non-wrinkle, bright as new. ● Without adding phosphorus, alkali and optical brightener can protect your safe and healthy.


          250g*1 bottle

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          Method of application

          Each piece of clothing use about 5g. After the clothes are fully soaked for 10-15 minutes, with appropriate grasp washing, clothes will be clean and soft. After washing with the use of Kaimi Detergent King Fabric Softener, the effect will be better. For heavy dirt, smear a small amount on it, dirt will be removed after gently rubbing.


          Silk washing should avoid high-temperature washing, do not scrub hard. Silk drying should avoid exposure to the sun. This product is not drinkable, please keep away from children. If swallowed or splashed into eyes, call a doctor immediately. Excessive use does not improve the cleaning effect.

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