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          CN EN

          Disinfectant Liquid series

          Kaimi Disinfectant Liquid

          Scope of application

          could be used on fabrics and objects surface disinfection in homes, schools, hotels and other public places.

          Product Efficacy

          ●Professional sterilization: scientifically formulated with professional disinfection factor PCMX, synergist and other ingredients with sterilization rate of 99.999% or more (killing value of 5.0 or more), and can effectively resist the invasion of germs. ●Safety and Health: Contains natural pine oil ingredients, effectively protects family health.*The safety level has reached the actual non-toxic level after testing. ●Does not hurt the skin and clothing: rich in natural coconut oil derivatives, disinfecting without hurting the skin, clothing fibers and colors. *non-irritating effect is verified after a complete skin irritation test. ●Removing peculiar smells: effectively removes musty, sweat and other odors while disinfecting and keeps fresh smell.


          500g*1 bottle 1Kg*1 bottle 3Kg*1 bottle 4Kg*1 bottle 5Kg*1 bottle

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          Method of application

          1.Skin disinfection: pours out about 20 grams of half a bottle cap and mixes with 400 grams of water with the effective concentration of about 2.5 grams / liter, for applying skin surface, then wipe or smear skin for taking about 5 minutes. 2.Disinfection of the surface of the object: suitable for all kinds of household surfaces such as floors, table cabinets, bathtubs, sanitary ware, etc., and can also be used for disinfection of pet supplies. Takes about half of the original liquid bottle cap and mixes with 2 liters of water for wiping, soaking and washing with the effective concentration of about 0.5g/L for taking about 20 minutes. 3.Fabric disinfection: all kinds of clothing, such as outerwear, underwear, swimwear, children clothing, diapers, etc.; hotel fabrics, such as towels, sheets, cloth and other meals. Takes a bottle cap of about 40 grams and mixes with 4 liters of water for an effective concentration of about 0.5g /L, soak or wash the fabric for 20 minutes. 4.Other surface disinfection: toilets, sinks, ditches, drains and other parts of the sewage contact. Takes about half a bottle of liquid about 20 grams and pours directly into the sewer or contact parts.


          This product is for external use and for diluted use, shall not be taken orally; If swallowed mistakenly, please seek medical advice; Stored in a cool place, kept away from children; and used for sensitive skin with caution; This product is no corrosion for copper, aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel. Microorganisms types killed are divided into intestinal pathogens, pyogenic bacteria and pathogenic yeasts.

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