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          Brand story

          A soft and comfortable dress, a plate of fresh and clean melon and fruit, all carry my full love for my family! Kaimi, care your families all the time!

          Caring is everywhere

          Home is the warmest harbour, so I can stay when I'm tired; home is also an eternal stumbling block that makes all my hardships meaningful.Therefore, Kaimi want to create a warm and comfortable environment for everyone, so that everyone can feel our ubiquitous love whenever and wherever possible.

          Kaimi products, derived from the perfect fusion of natural ingredients and leading formulas as well as combined with the cleaning habits of modern homes, give our families a safe and worry-free care in every aspects of daily life.

          Pesticide stripping technology and practical non-toxic formula of KAIMI Vegetable/Fruit Cleansercan can safely and easily remove pesticide residues from vegetables and fruits, which makes us worry-free about fresh ingredients. The "actual non-toxic level" formula of KAIMI Tableware Cleanser can effectively protects family's every meal health. The mild skin-friendly formula of KAIMI DETERGENT KING Multi-function Neutral Detergent, derived from natural cleaning ingredients, ensure that the family's sensitive skin can always feel intimate care.

          A soft and comfortable dress, a plate of fresh and clean melon and fruit, all carry my full love for my family! Kaimi, care your families all the time!

          Kaimi brand was established in Xi'an National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone in 1992. Kaimi's company is based on green, ecological, healthy and low-carbon enterprise development purposes. The company insists on using green raw materials, self-developed high-tech formulas and adopting intelligent manufacturing processes to produce ecological liquid detergents. In 2001, the double green standards modern factory was completed, which promoted the trend of consumption of green and environmentally friendly detergents in China.

          After 28 years of entrepreneurial development, Xi'an Kaimi Co., Ltd. has become a national high-tech enterprise in the research, development, production, and sales of green ecological and environmentally friendly liquid detergent industry in China.The company always adheres to the road of scientific and technological innovation based on independent research and development, and inherits and carries forward the spirit of artisans. The company will not forget the original intention and continue to create Kaimi environmental protection and green ecological washing products. Kaimi's Engineering Technology Research Center has been awarded the title of National Enterprise Technology Center after national assessment. Scientific research & innovation capabilities and product research and development quality have reached the industry advanced level. Kaimi company has obtained a number of technical invention patents. It is an enterprise that has participated in the formulation and revision of many standards in China's washing products industry. All Kaimi products have independent intellectual property rights. We have formed eight series and more than 100 kinds of green environmental protection washing supplies.